Tune up your skills this summer

Looking over my Google Analytics data today, I found that these are some of the most-visited pages on this blog:

  1. How to shoot video interviews
  2. Why does anyone major in journalism?
  3. A few words about digital audio recorders
  4. Recording phone calls: For reporters
  5. Now printable! Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency
  6. 10 useful resources about data visualization
  7. Journalists must build a personal brand: 10 tips
  8. RGMP 3: Buy an audio recorder and learn to use it
  9. Cheat sheet for multimedia story decisions
  10. Visual storytelling tips
  11. Timelines in journalism: A closer look
  12. ‘Curation,’ and journalists as curators

If you find any broken links or outdated information, I’d be happy to hear about it!

5 Comments on “Tune up your skills this summer

  1. Great collection, Mindy! I’ll be heading to Gainesville in August to begin a MAMC. Hope to take one of your classes when you return from Indonesia!

  2. Welcome in advance, Ethan. You’ll need to look up Amy Zerba and Matt Sheehan when you arrive. They will be working with multimedia journalism students.

  3. “Visual storytelling tips” Disappeared. Searched Slideshare and couldn’t find it.

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