Updating Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency

It’s been two years since I wrote this free guide. Do you think it’s worth my while to update it?

I’ve been thinking it might be good to put it on Wikia and allow others to edit and add to it. Then it could be updated any time, and translations could be contributed too.

Please comment.


4 Comments on “Updating Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency

  1. Interesting idea. This is part of the required reading for my Multimedia Journalism class, so I’m thankful that you’ve done this. But, as we all know, any MM “textbook” risks getting stale quickly because of the rapid changes in our field. I love this idea, Mindy — because it also becomes a lesson in crowdsourcing!

  2. Mindy
    This has been such a helpful resource! I know many journalists and journalism educators that have used it – in the US and around the world! It has been very helpful. I think your idea of opening it up to the crowd for updating is a fantastic idea! I say go for it!


  3. This is a great resource that I use in my class and teaching. I like the idea of making it a wiki and letting others add to it. However, I also value your ability to locate and curate the best resources. My vote is for open, but edited. Good luck.

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