Visual narratives: Empirical data

From a research study by two scholars at Stanford:

In this paper, we investigate the design of narrative visualizations and identify techniques for telling stories with data graphics. We take an empirical approach, analyzing visualizations from online journalism, blogs, instructional videos, and visualization research. After reviewing related work, we share five selected case studies which highlight varied design strategies and illustrate our analytic approach. We then formulate a design space constructed from an analysis of 58 examples. Our analysis identifies salient dimensions of visual storytelling, including how graphical techniques and interactivity can enforce various levels of structure and narrative flow. We describe seven genres of narrative visualization: magazine style, annotated chart, partitioned poster, flow chart, comic strip, slide show, and video. These genres can be combined with interactivity and messaging to produce varying balances of author-driven and reader-driven experiences. [boldface added]

Here’s the study: Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data (PDF).

I found it thanks to a post on the blog Information Aesthetics. Together with Nathan Yau’s Flowing Data, it’s a source of much wonder and delight.

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