Most-viewed posts in 2012

According to my WordPress stats, these are the posts with the most pageviews in the past 12 months:

  1. Best social media tools for journalists (5,669)
  2. Timelines in journalism: A closer look (4,365)
  3. A few words about digital audio recorders (3,626)
  4. How to shoot video interviews (3,465)
  5. 10 Rules for Visual Storytelling (3,043)
  6. Advice to journalism students: Forget grad school! (2,442)
  7. Why does anyone major in journalism? (2,296)
  8. Getting a journalism degree, getting a journalism job (2,197)
  9. Updated tutorials for Audacity (audio editing) (2,083)
  10. Recording phone interviews: A solution that works (1,605)
  11. Now printable! Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency (1,486)
  12. Skills needed by today’s journalists (1,464)

Most of us who blog don’t blog as often as we used to, four or five years ago (before Twitter), but I gratefully learn from others’ old blog posts all the time.

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