Multimedia journalism “master classes” online

A series of (temporarily) free “master classes” about multimedia journalism just got under way. Andy Bull, a journalism trainer based in the United Kingdom, is offering the classes online in a limited-release format: Each will be available online, free, for a short time, and then disappear behind a paywall.

A list of 12 topic areas represents the 12 classes (follow the link above to see the list). They include travel writing, business and financial journalism, and the ever-popular (among students, that is) celebrity, showbiz and arts reporting.

I looked at “Masterclass 46: Technology journalism,” the only one available so far (and first on the list of 12). In it, Andy explains what a technology journalist does, with links to relevant examples and videos. The class is broken up into several Web pages, so at the bottom of each one, you click through to the next. The six sections are logically organized, and quite lengthy:

  1. Masterclass 46: Technology journalism
  2. How to become a technology journalist
  3. How to find, sell and tell technology stories
  4. What’s wrong with technology journalism
  5. Star technology journalists
  6. The tech jobs are there, the tech journalists are not

There is a lot of very good material here, and I appreciate the investment of time that Andy has put in. This might be an excellent resource for certain kinds of journalism courses, or for young journalists who have not yet decided on an area of specialization.

I wouldn’t call these “classes,” however. They are readings (with videos). They don’t offer assignments or exercises. But that’s only a quibble; they can obviously be incorporated into classes.

To get unlimited access to the classes, one must subscribe to MMJ (by buying Andy’s textbook, titled Multimedia Journalism, published in 2010). The book is available from Amazon in both hardcopy and Kindle formats. (Disclaimer: I will get a small kickback if you buy using these links.)

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