People see value in curation

I think it’s very cool that 1,126 people visited this blog yesterday. The number of retweets on the link to my post about social media tools for journalists really drove the traffic.

What’s even more encouraging is that a lot of links in my post were clicked. That’s wonderful, because it takes a long time to find and evaluate the sites one links to. Often I think it’s not worth the time to link to every little thing — but in the case of yesterday’s post, I wanted to make a useful reference for journalists and journalism educators, so I tried to add as much value as I could without making the post too long.

Curation takes time. I spent about three hours crafting the post, including creating the graphic (and downloading an icon set).

The point is not to invite your pity or your admiration; my observation is that we all need to weigh the pros and cons of our investment of time in social media. In this case, I deem it time well spent because I think a lot of people found some value in the post.

Thanks for reading!

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