New stuff on GitHub and YouTube

Most of my work time is now spent writing code tutorials for journalism students and making videos for them.

If you want to follow my recent work, I suggest:

  • Follow me on Twitter: @macloo
  • Follow my professional page on Facebook: mmjournalist
  • Follow me on Medium: @macloo
  • Follow me on Github: @macloo
  • Check out my recent courses > here. You’ll find links to assignments, tutorials and readings on the Course Schedule page of each syllabus, which is actually a WordPress site.
  • More YouTube videos on the new Intro to Web Apps channel.

You can easily find my work email address if you Google me and my place of employment.

If you’re working for one of those spam shops that wants to write posts on this blog, or get me to post a link to your spammy blog posts, please don’t bother.

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