Does journalism create value?

Robert G. Picard impressed me as an awesomely smart person when I first saw him speak at a small online journalism conference a few years ago. Later I found out that he’s well-known and respected in the field… Read More

Why you should learn to love data

Learn a Web framework, Matt Waite urged my journalism students on Tuesday. He recommended either Django or Ruby on Rails, and he characterized arguments over which one is better as “nerd Pepsi vs. Coke.” Matt is the concept… Read More

The morning after Obama’s acceptance speech

Update (Nov. 5, 2008): If you are looking for video and a transcript of the speech by President-Elect Obama on Election Night, it is here. The text that follows was posted on Aug. 29, 2008: I would like… Read More

Delivering data: Which solution fits best?

I’m not a data expert like journalists Adrian Holovaty, Matt Waite and Derek Willis (to name only a few), but I deeply appreciate the work they do. I see a great potential for a better-informed public — if… Read More

Three win recognition for multimedia storytelling

From the Newspaper Association of America come these awards for Most Innovative Multimedia Storytelling in 2007: 24 Hours in Lawrence, Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World/The World Co. Broken Trust, Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune A People Torn, Star Tribune, Minneapolis (see my… Read More

Choose your CMS: WordPress or Drupal?

Thinking about starting a new publication or a micro-site? I recently chatted with a Web developer for a news organization who professed an adamant hatred of Drupal, even though many people sing its praises. Then I saw this:… Read More

‘On a different wave length’

Fact-checking is usually a dry and thankless task, vital to honest journalism, but generally not interesting enough to discuss in casual conversation. PolitiFact may be changing all that …