Twitter milestone: 9,000 followers

Sometime recently, this happened: This is not a lot (especially not when you look at others like Jay Rosen, who has the coveted blue check mark), but it’s nice. The last time the odometer rolled over was in… Read More

Twitter milestone: 8,000 followers

Yesterday my Twitter odometer rolled over, as follower No. 8,000 appeared. My Twitter handle is @macloo. I use Twitter mainly as a news feed. I don’t follow friends from my personal life (unless they are in journalism), and… Read More

5,000 followers on Twitter

Sure, I’m no Andy Carvin (NPR’s social media guy), but I do feel a little thrill when the zeros turn over. The screen capture above is from yesterday, July 31, 2011. See my recent posts about Twitter and… Read More

Journalists: How to get started with Twitter

If you haven’t yet found any value in using Twitter, here’s what you should consider. On the topic of WHY to get started, John Robinson (the editor of┬áthe News & Record, in Greensboro, North Carolina) wrote a very… Read More

Teaching Twitter to students

This semester I took a course I have been teaching for 10 years and moved it to a blog. The students and I still meet in person once a week to discuss ideas, but otherwise, everything is… Read More

3,000 followers on Twitter

Last March I had 1,000 followers on Twitter. Sometime earlier today, I reached 3,000: I’m sure many of those folks have not signed on to Twitter since the week when they opened their account. so I’m not going… Read More

1,000 followers on Twitter

Today is the day I reached the 1,000 milestone — I’m not sure how important this is, really, but it did give me a small thrill. (Very small.) If you want to jump on the bandwagon, I am… Read More