Holovaty tells the kids what’s up

Adrian Holovaty said what every young journalist needs to hear, in a commencement speech at the Missouri School of Journalism earlier this month. … the foundation is important because you need to understand the rules before you can… Read More

Beautiful Evidence, by Edward Tufte

Edward Tufte has a new book. Oh my! One chapter is titled “Links and Causal Arrows: Ambiguity in Action,” and another is “Words, Numbers, Images — Together.” I remember the day I found Tufte’s Envisioning Information in the… Read More

NCAA financial database online

The Indianapolis Star has put a database of NCAA financial reports on its Web site. What an excellent idea! This is the most detailed, publicly available database of college athletic department financial information ever assembled.It came from forms… Read More

Map of all homicides in New York

Kudos to The New York Times, which used Google Maps to create a three-year (2003-2005) map of homicides in the five boroughs of New York City. The idea is copied from Adrian Holovaty’s award-winning Chicago Crime site, but… Read More

Google Maps

NPR ran a nice story yesterday about a blog that tracks interesting applications of Google Maps. One example is a map of local murders from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. I’ve been encouraging one of our master’s students… Read More