10 useful resources about data visualization

These will be useful to introduce students, journalists, or yourself to the concepts of data visualization. Bonus: There’s an interesting discussion on Quora about the difference between information graphics and data visualization. (1) When the Data Struts Its… Read More

Visual narratives: Empirical data

From a research study by two scholars at Stanford: In this paper, we investigate the design of narrative visualizations and identify techniques for telling stories with data graphics. We take an empirical approach, analyzing visualizations from online journalism,… Read More

Skills for journalists: Again, the question

What skills does today’s journalist need to have? I do not think this question has only one answer. In a comment on a blog post by Robert Hernandez, Michael Grimaldi wrote: The highest skill of journalism is knowing… Read More

Data journalism and programmer journalists

Some good stuff on this topic: Debate over journalism’s required skills gets heated, by Robert Hernandez: I do not believe you need to master programming to succeed in journalism. I do believe you need to respect and understand… Read More

Understanding the canvas in HTML5

Last week I tried to summarize key points about HTML5, the emerging standard that will affect the way Web pages — and other digital media — are created in the near future. There were two aspects of HTML5… Read More

21 examples of Flash journalism

These are interactive news packages I’ve selected to show to journalism students as we discuss some of the capabilities of Adobe Flash. Many are very recent. 1. Motion The first thing students learn to do in Flash is… Read More

Spending time with Los Angeles homicides

Have you seen the L.A. Times homicides map? I’m sure you’ve marveled at the New York Times homicides map, and perhaps you have also admired the Boston Globe homicides map. The L.A. map, however, has a lot (a… Read More