Updating Flash Journalism (Part 2)

The other day I received an e-mail from someone with a programming background who’s interested in learning how to build journalism packages in Flash. He asked how to get started and whether I was planning to release a… Read More

Augmented reality apps: A business model

One key to selling advertising is your ability to assure the advertiser that people will see his or her ad. One of the problems with Web sites — especially news Web sites — is that they have so… Read More

Flash and data, made for each other

Toxic Waters is a large investigative journalism package from The New York Times. Some folks say there is no place for this kind of series in journalism nowadays, with all the Sturm und Drang in the news business…. Read More

The role of Flash in a news organization (Part 1)

Inspired by Mark Luckie’s useful post about where to find the best in Flash journalism, coupled with the recent release of Flash CS4, I thought I might make a stab at discussing strategies for using Flash. On Friday,… Read More

A visual, tagged database of Election Night screen grabs

One of our doctoral students spent Election Night grabbing screen captures from 98 different news Web sites, from about 11:30 P.M. EST until almost 6 a.m. Wednesday morning. The fruits of his labor are viewable at Iterasi, a… Read More

The map of population size, U.S. Election

Although the popular vote was not a landslide, the map redrawn with the size of each state scaled to represent its population makes it clear that we are a majority blue nation. An explanation of the method used… Read More

Data visualization resources

While I was shamelessly picking the brain of Matt Waite in recent weeks, he advised me that if I don’t have more than three to five weeks to spend on “data” (sort of akin to what we used… Read More