More pieces of the storytelling puzzle

My questions about how to teach storytelling skills to journalism students persist, so I perked up when I saw an article by the producer of a TV documentary about physics. The title, Seven Rules for Making a (Science)… Read More

What it costs to run the BBC

Talk about transparency! You can see everything about costs and services at the BBC’s Web site. I went to take a look because Jeff Jarvis addressed the matter without providing any figures. What does the BBC cost the… Read More

Understanding usability

I find it hard to spend enough time on teaching concepts of usability to journalism students. We have so few courses in which they can learn about digital media. This article about dimensions of usability provides a good… Read More

Thinking about storytelling

Short and sweet: How to tell a great story, by Seth Godin. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. There are informational packages, and then, there are stories. Some stories are linear. Multimedia stories can be linear,… Read More

What is journalism?

Here’s putting it all into perspective: What the hell is the point of having this means of communication if we are not going to write about what people need to know? We can write about dating when we… Read More

Finding value and pinching pennies

David Carr got it wrong when he analyzed the meaning of the Star Tribune’s reaction to employees taking copies of the newspaper without paying for them: There is an implicit broader message. If the people who make the… Read More

Is it time to call the butcher?

In the keynote yesterday, Robert Picard made an amusing (and very apt) analogy between the life cycle of a dairy cow and the newspaper business. The title of his talk may sound dry and academic, but he gave… Read More