How much longer, for j-schools?

I found this on a lawyer’s blog: Unfortunately, for new media companies … and traditional main stream media companies, graduating journalism students are woefully unprepared for the real world. A world where online investigative reporting via blogging and… Read More

Good news for current journalism students

“The job market for journalism graduates has remained largely unchanged for the second half of 2007 and the first half of 2008, according to a new survey from the University of Georgia” (E&P, Aug. 6, via Chrys Wu… Read More

A look at some job openings

Inspired by a post by Amy Gahran, in which she said today’s journalists will not find tomorrow’s jobs in news organizations — “at least, not in news orgs as we’ve grown accustomed to them over the last century”… Read More

Journalism salaries and careers

I’m still bullish on journalism, but young people considering a career in journalism need to get the facts straight: Most longtime journalists will tell you: they don’t do it for the money. If you love going to work… Read More

Setting up a team for online journalism

Yesterday I had a conversation with a reporter whose news organization has committed to forming a new Web/digital team. His questions made me think about how undefined this work still is, on the whole. He asked whether there… Read More

Numbers in the newsroom and in the audience

Two snips out of Howard Kurtz’s Washington Post column on May 25: … we are working harder than ever, in part because of the round-the-clock demands of the Web; Post campaign reporters are constantly writing online items for… Read More

Chasing rainclouds away with some positive attitude

Recent news about the journalism business has been depressing. I’m sure you’ve noticed. So it’s kind of hard to get jazzed about writing a blog post sometimes. Yoni Greenbaum was feeling the same way, it seems: … our… Read More