Multimedia from Vietnam

Van Mon: A Forgotten Existence is a multimedia story reported and produced by Ehrin Macksey. I met Ehrin when he visited Florida last year; he lives in Hanoi, Vietnam, and makes his living there as a photographer and… Read More

What is your strategy for video?

I get excited when my RSS reader tells me Colin Mulvany, of The Spokesman-Review newspaper in Spokane, Washington, has put up a new blog post. Colin has taught me a lot about visual storytelling through his online work… Read More

Outfit yourself for audio gathering

The best first step for a print reporter toward multimedia is audio. You already know how to conduct an interview, so you’re more than halfway there. Now all you need is some decent audio gathering gear and Audacity,… Read More

Live in Fort Lauderdale

This weekend I will be attending the National Writers Workshop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’ll be the guest of the South Florida Sun Sentinel; I’ll be doing some training in their newsroom on Friday. Information about NWW is… Read More

Advice from a pro about online video

Update: Download Garrett Hubbard’s 3-page handout with tips, workflow, and more links! (PDF, 472 KB. Available here with his permission.) A first glance can give you a completely wrong impression. Go to the USA Today Web site and… Read More

For lovers of panoramas

I came across this blog again recently — The Panoramist. Photographer Gary O’Brien links to and comments about panoramas he finds online. Recent panos included View of Sarah Palin’s Speech, with audio (New York Times). It’s a nifty… Read More

Why the Las Vegas Sun is so great (Part 3)

Previously: Part 1 (Introduction to the Sun) and Part 2 (What They Do) While they’re shooting tons of video and chasing breaking news, the journalists at the Las Vegas Sun also manage to produce some darned impressive large… Read More