An audience is not a community

Clay Shirky has a new book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations. It’s about technologies of social networking. I don’t know if this is in the book; Shirky wrote it for a blog from his… Read More

6 tips for comments on stories and j-blogs

The question: Should we allow comments on our (news stories / columns / reporters’ blogs / multimedia packages / etc.)? The answer: Yes. But … ah, yes, there must be a “but” in this answer. Moderated? No, because… Read More

Discussion about EveryBlock

There are several interesting comments on my EveryBlock post from yesterday. Feel free to join in. Some people would like to see the data formatted differently. Some think it’s more useful for reporters than for citizens, while others… Read More

Connecting people to people

The missing link in the concept of “community” on news organizations’ Web sites: Who are these people? New media consultant Marshall Kirkpatrick says you can add the necessary social glue without trying to look like a cheesy Facebook… Read More

How to do blogging right

I found myself repeating the sentence “Blogs are a conversation” several times in different sessions at BlogOrlando on Friday. I didn’t originate that idea — far from it! But it seemed like a lot of people, or more… Read More

BBC News reader comments and other contributions

Reading the BBC’s excellent online coverage of the protests in Burma (Myanmar), I learned something new (to me, anyway): BBC News has two types of comment moderation. Each one is briefly explained on this page. (The Burma discussion… Read More

Staff journalists who blog: Two cases

Last week I had the good fortune to hear two daily journalist bloggers speak about their work. (This was at the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute, which I have written about here, here and here.) They were: Bridget Gutierrez,… Read More