New stuff on GitHub and YouTube

Most of my work time is now spent writing code tutorials for journalism students and making videos for them. If you want to follow my recent work, I suggest: Follow me on Twitter:¬†@macloo Follow my professional page on… Read More

An update about my recent work

Like many blogs, this one has been neglected. I put a lot more time into Twitter, Facebook and Medium now. This leaves no time for the blog (insert sad face). There are plenty of posts here from the… Read More

Online News Association conference 2014

Links to a small number of really useful resources from #ONA14.

Twitter milestone: 9,000 followers

Sometime recently, this happened: This is not a lot (especially not when you look at others like Jay Rosen, who has the coveted blue check mark), but it’s nice. The last time the odometer rolled over was in… Read More

Setting up a private blog for group editing

When you have a free blog, you can make it private, limiting it to only people you select. You can also allow multiple authors, editors, or a mix of roles on a free¬† blog, whether it is… Read More

Journalism education: There is no spoon

At a journalism education conference in Canada recently, it appears media economics scholar Robert Picard gave a stirring keynote address. Stirring as in “stir things up!” He began by reminding the audience that journalism and the media environment… Read More

Teaching online journalism in South Africa

Thanks to an invitation from the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University, I was awarded a Mellon Scholar-in-Residence fellowship. I’ve been in Grahamstown, South Africa, since May 30. Here are some things I have learned… Read More