Fact checking and getting it right

Students do almost all their research (for almost everything) on the Web. Most of today’s undergraduates have been doing this since they were in elementary school. You might think they would know how to distinguish between a reliable… Read More

Students’ Use of Wikipedia

In Wikis test students’ research skills, Roger Riddell writes that the increasing use of Wikipedia and “similar online reference tools” is adding urgency to the need to educate people about how to judge the accuracy and reliability of… Read More

A New Semester

Today our spring 2006 semester begins. On Friday, the dean of our college announced that she would leave our college effective July 1, 2006. So all of us go into this semester with some amount of uncertainty. The… Read More

Why Americans Under 40 Don’t Follow the News

Tuned Out is the title of a book by David Mindich, a former assignment editor for CNN and now an educator at a small liberal arts college in Vermont. The book tries to answer the question “Why don’t… Read More

Taking Notes

The idea behind this blog is that it can serve as a place to keep my notes, observations and ideas about teaching. Mostly what I teach concerns online journalism. I also teach about the Internet as a communication… Read More