Online slideshow vs. online video

Illuminating insights from Andrew Locke, director of product strategy for (Feb. 3, 2006). The choice between using video and using still photos with audio, he wrote, “frankly has as much to do with time and the multimedia… Read More

Flash video tutorials

This site has very nice animated tutorials with voiceover instructions: The tutes are all in the listbox labeled “Select a tutorial”; the first basic video tute is at the very bottom of the list, so scroll to… Read More

‘Slivercasting’ with Web video

From The New York Times (“As Internet TV Aims at Niche Audiences, the Slivercast Is Born,” by Saul Hansell, March 12, 2006): Slivercasting refers to a video channel that “is broadcast only on the Internet, which enables video… Read More

‘Eat This’ – A Flash experience

The Web site for a Food Network TV show: Eat This. How appealing is this? Look at the little notebook at the bottom of the page. Check out the way the text on the right side supplements and… Read More

Package features local Olympic athletes

I missed seeing this first-rate package from the Minneapolis Star Tribune until now. In Minnesota, a state that loves cold-weather sports, the winter Olympic Games are high profile. This Flash journalism package not only features short video interviews… Read More

Online video is NOT ‘broadcast quality’

Larry Pryor wrote a good summary of the annual Poynter convergence confab for journalism educators. Something I heartily agree with: “Because online video is different, a convergence curriculum that stresses conventional broadcast production, the use of high-end equipment,… Read More