Video for HTML5: The latest update

On2’s VP8 video codec “is now fully open and completely royalty-free,” thanks to Google (source: DZone). This is a big deal not only because Apple — in its full-out war against Adobe — has declared Flash video to… Read More

What you should know about HTML5 today

If you teach online journalism, you’ve probably been hearing questions from students about the validity of what they are learning today. If you’re teaching Web design for current standards and current browsers, they are asking, “What about HTML5… Read More

Apple, Adobe and HTML5

I’ve been working on a blog post about the tech topic du jour — not the power play between two corporate giants so much as the implications for online video, for interactive graphics, for Web standards — and… Read More

7 examples of exceptional Flash packages

These come from USA Today, The Washington Post, the ABC (Australia’s public broadcaster), Reuters, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. Seven examples, seven news organizations. Yes, they are all large news organizations. But I’d… Read More

Portrait of a great communicator

Yesterday I watched a documentary video I had TiVo’d earlier from the Sundance Channel: Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight Unfortunately it’s not yet available on Netflix (?!), even though it was released last May. I recommend that… Read More

Recommendation for a low-end video camera

Read the review of the Kodak Zi8 by Derrick Jeror — at Then read the 69 comments on his review (or at least scan them). This is an extremely helpful review — it explains how to get… Read More

Ideas for journalism educators

I gave a couple of presentations to U.S. journalism educators in St. Petersburg, Florida, yesterday and today. For each presentation I made a page of links to resources, examples, etc. The PowerPoint for each presentation is also online…. Read More