Learning from MSNBC.com (part 2)

Unlike that guy in the movie “The Graduate” who said just one word to Dustin Hoffman — “Plastics” — an MSNBC.com deputy editor had two words for journalism students: Databases and Flash. In fact, MSNBC.com’s Tom Brew told… Read More

Bidding farewell to Chicago Crime

Adrian Holovaty has announced the shutdown of chicagocrime.org, the groundbreaking online dynamic data project that has inspired so many journalists since 2005 (only 2005? Gosh, it seems much longer … Internet years …). The site is still functioning… Read More

Interactive graphic: Wealth calculator

I don’t use the word “interactive” carelessly. (Most things that people typically call interactive are not one bit interactive. Video games are interactive. Newspaper Web sites? Not!) With all the journalists chattering about Adrian Holovaty these days, some… Read More

Making online journalism — Part 2

User interaction has got to be more than clicking a button or a link. Clicking on the Web is rather like turning the page in a printed book. How interactive is that? The kind of interactivity we see… Read More

Data vs. stories

News, stories, data. I was reading a fascinating live-blogging post from Foocamp by David Weinberger (found via BuzzMachine) and thinking about a student asking me whether people really have time to spend with all this multimedia journalism stuff…. Read More

What I learned from the news designers, Part 1

I spent Friday and Saturday at the Society for News Design’s annual workshop, held this year in Orlando, Florida. The members of SND include graphic artists, page designers, and photo editors, among others. Sessions at the workshop covered… Read More

Map of all homicides in New York

Kudos to The New York Times, which used Google Maps to create a three-year (2003-2005) map of homicides in the five boroughs of New York City. The idea is copied from Adrian Holovaty’s award-winning Chicago Crime site, but… Read More