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Here’s a lazy update: To find any post in the image below, just type the title (or keywords) into the search box at left. I like running these stats from time to time to see which posts here… Read More

Plagiarism and journalism students

When students plagiarize, they take a risk. I guess they tell themselves nothing very bad will happen to them. When journalism students plagiarize, the risk is pretty damned big. For example, you lose your chance to work as… Read More

Every journalist is a copy editor (or needs to be)

As print/online newsrooms evolve, the role of copyediting (and the people who copyedit) is changing. Steve Buttry, director of community engagement and social media at Journal Register Co., just wrote a long blog post about this. There’s useful… Read More

Programming and journalism students: A conversation

I think it’s pretty cool to use Storify to sort out the threads of a bunch of simultaneous conversations on Twitter: [View the story “Programming and journalism students: A conversation” on Storify] Please join in — on Twitter,… Read More

The courses a student wishes he had taken

As he prepares to graduate, University of Oregon public relations student Sam Drake reflects on the courses he did not take: Computer science: “To be able to code in Java, HTML, C++ or Python is one skill that… Read More

The liberal arts portion of a journalism education

Model Curricula for Journalism Education is a 150-page document produced by UNESCO and published in 2007. Its contents are based on work done in 2005 by an international group of journalism educators. While many details in the document… Read More

Two online tools I use and recommend

Just a quick post to pimp two products/tools/sites I use every day — neither of which is nearly as famous as some companies that announced a billion-dollar deal yesterday. Pinboard. This is NOT the famous Pinterest that everyone… Read More