Smarter(7): A list for journalism students

National Geographic: 2013 Year in Review. Elise Hu: Tomorrow’s metric for news is action. Michael Wolff: Even the New York Times can’t resist going lowbrow with native advertising.

Augmented reality apps: A business model

One key to selling advertising is your ability to assure the advertiser that people will see his or her ad. One of the problems with Web sites — especially news Web sites — is that they have so… Read More

A course in ‘new media business’

Vin Crosbie, a longtime consultant to newspapers, accepted a one-year teaching appointment at Syracuse University last year and recently re-upped for a second tour of duty. In a blog post titled Life Aboard an Academic Supercarrier, he provides… Read More

‘At what point does this become our problem?’

Found randomly, read with pleasure: It’s time for a new plan. What about allowing subscription cell phone updates for our best apps, or a choice for ad-supported and free? What about harvesting user information and allowing for targeted,… Read More

Pay per view? Make that get paid per view(er)

This discussion has been going on for a while (see Lucas Grindley’s original take here and his more recent reaction to Ed Wasserman’s column in the Miami Herald here) — some people find it horrifying that a journalist… Read More

‘It happened to television, radio and cable’

This video is very effective in getting its message across. Video by: Quote by: Bill Moyers (in the video, at 2:10)

One way to make money online

Here’s one of those ideas that could make lots of money for you. I’m giving it away free, so buy me lunch or something if it works for you. I was poking around on the Wichita Eagle site,… Read More