A great Flash infographic

This might be the best interactive information graphic ever. What do you think? I love the simplicity of the rollovers. The multiple information (timeline, map) delivered in the top image below is delightful. Tapuiassauro, o novo dinossauro do… Read More

Moving away from sad and tragic stories

Romenesko highlighted this Washington Post column by Howard Kurtz today. It immediately reminded me of a post I wrote in April: Sad and tragic stories, and photojournalism. Matt Mendelsohn, a photojournalist, has been working for a year on… Read More

Student journalism awards

I was happy to see that my university did pretty well in the Hearst awards this year: Hearst Journalism Awards — 2009 winners Our j-school placed second in photojournalism, second in multimedia, fourth in the “overall,” and fifth… Read More

The Hearst Awards for student journalists

The Hearst Journalism Awards Program has been called the Pulitzer Prizes of (U.S.) student journalism. I can’t say whether that is an exaggeration, but the awards do come with generous money prizes for the individual students and the… Read More

Winning online graphics

The annual winners of the Society of News Design multimedia design competition include only two Gold awards, and both went to The New York Times. I missed this one, explaining an accident in New York City. I really… Read More

Best online reporting (SPJ), 2007

The Society of Professional Journalists has announced its annual awards for best online reporting. I think we should take a moment to consider how this great reporting is presented online. Deadline Reporting (affiliated): Path of Destruction: Central Florida… Read More

Best information graphics of 2007

I have called it one of the best information graphics ever, and now it’s won the Peter Sullivan award at Malofiej 16, the greatest annual honor in the world for infographics. So if you have never experienced it,… Read More