Link journalism: Credibility and authority

Scott Karp writes about “link journalism” and how it could have saved face for The New York Times in the recent case of using unnamed sources in a story about John McCain and a lobbyist: … on the… Read More

Three win recognition for multimedia storytelling

From the Newspaper Association of America come these awards for Most Innovative Multimedia Storytelling in 2007: 24 Hours in Lawrence, Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World/The World Co. Broken Trust, Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune A People Torn, Star Tribune, Minneapolis (see my… Read More

SNDies winners: Best interactive news design

The SNDies competition honors online journalism story presentations, with an emphasis on effective design. We see different winners here, compared with other competitions, because the judges in this competition focus on how well the package works, as well… Read More

Multimedia package: The murder trial

Certain crimes grab and hold the attention of a local community. Unsolved murders of average, law-abiding citizens fascinate many of us. Maybe because murder, while all too common, shocks the moral fiber of most humans. Maybe because we… Read More

Multimedia packages: Organizing 30+ pieces

One of the nice things you can do online (that you can’t do well at all in a printed newspaper) is gather up a big bunch of stories and present them as an orderly set, a mini library…. Read More

Multimedia packages: Music journalism

Among the finalists for the Online Journalism Awards category “Outstanding Use of Digital Media,” three of the seven packages center on popular music: Forty Years of ‘RESPECT’ (Detroit Free Press), a tribute to the Aretha Franklin song; Hip Hop 101 (Wisconsin State Journal); Wonderful World (The Honolulu Advertiser), a tribute to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Let’s take a closer look —

Thoughts about the ONA finalists

It’s fun to see a list of finalists for a big award. I’m always interested in the Oscar nominations, even if I don’t agree with the choices. In our field, the Online Journalism Awards are the biggies. The… Read More