James Carey dies

From the New York Times obit for this most readable communication theorist: Dr. Carey shunned the increasingly abstruse, highly mathematical theoretical work at the frontiers of his field, preferring instead to focus on underlying values. He drew from… Read More

Every book in the world, online

Kevin Kelly has a comprehensive piece in The New York Times Magazine today about a variety of large-scale projects to scan and make available online as many printed books as possible. Most people have probably heard about Google’s… Read More

Beautiful Evidence, by Edward Tufte

Edward Tufte has a new book. Oh my! One chapter is titled “Links and Causal Arrows: Ambiguity in Action,” and another is “Words, Numbers, Images — Together.” I remember the day I found Tufte’s Envisioning Information in the… Read More

Books for 2006 journalism classes

Today I braved my university’s clumsy and tedious system for entering textbook adoptions and put in the books I will require for fall semester 2006 courses. The undergraduate course is the easy one to choose for. This is… Read More

A Flash comic for storytelling

Talk about a cool interface! This would work for certain online journalism stories, I’m quite sure. It is sooo easy to use! This example comes from the great Web site of the great Scott McCloud, author of both… Read More

Reading list for summer 2006

Books I’m thinking about requiring for my fall course, New Media and a Democratic Society: Naked Conversations: How Blogs Are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers, by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel The Search: How Google and… Read More

O’Reilly’s online book subscription

After I told the umpteenth student about the Safari Bookshelf program from the O’Reilly publishing company, it occurred to me that maybe my students are not the only people who have never heard about it. What I love… Read More