My book reviewed in JMCQ

Writing a 500-page fully illustrated book is a lot of work, so forgive me if I bask a bit. It is clear that the lessons have been well tested on many students because the author seems to know… Read More

Pierre Bourdieu

Pierre who? Yeah, I know. So I read this very nice (and SHORT) piece written by the always excellent Katha Pollitt on the occasion of Bourdieu’s death in 2002. While reading Bourdieu’s (also very SHORT) book On Television,… Read More

Why people reject (journalists’ version of) the news

“Through Internet portal sites, handheld devices, blogs and instant messaging, we are accessing and processing information in ways that challenge the historic function of the news business and raise fundamental questions about the future of the news field.”… Read More

Why Americans Under 40 Don’t Follow the News

Tuned Out is the title of a book by David Mindich, a former assignment editor for CNN and now an educator at a small liberal arts college in Vermont. The book tries to answer the question “Why don’t… Read More

Taking Notes

The idea behind this blog is that it can serve as a place to keep my notes, observations and ideas about teaching. Mostly what I teach concerns online journalism. I also teach about the Internet as a communication… Read More