Smacking down the hierarchies

My favorite word this week is heterarchy. I don’t think I’ve ever had a favorite word before, and I confess I was not familiar with the meaning of this one when I saw it in an article from… Read More

Augmented reality apps: A business model

One key to selling advertising is your ability to assure the advertiser that people will see his or her ad. One of the problems with Web sites — especially news Web sites — is that they have so… Read More

Seeking a business model for journalism

I came across this chart on a blog authored by three Australian business scholars: The original comes from Steven Johnson’s presentation at SXSW earlier this year, and when I followed the link to his post, I remembered reading… Read More

A macro approach to micropayments

Lots of folks were talking about micropayments for journalistic content this week (example). One thing I’ve mulled over is a daily fee that’s quite small (say, 50 cents? Maybe even less). I think this is easier to accept… Read More

Does journalism create value?

Robert G. Picard impressed me as an awesomely smart person when I first saw him speak at a small online journalism conference a few years ago. Later I found out that he’s well-known and respected in the field… Read More

Putting a financial value on a blog

What’s a blog worth? If you sold it, what price would it fetch? I’m fascinated by this post at 24/7 Wall Street: The 25 Most Valuable Blogs. Maybe my fascination is unwarranted — I don’t claim to have… Read More

Little, big: You don’t have to be a rock star

Take dirkthecow’s perspective on blogging (blogging is dead; blogging has been taken over by big corporate entities that are not the same as MSM but big and corporate all the same; tweeting is the new blogging, but not… Read More