A few thoughts about MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses

Educators are talking about the phenomenon of large-enrollment free online courses offered by very reputable professors and universities. Now the University of Texas “is in negotiations with Coursera and edX, two of the most prominent companies engaged in… Read More

Plagiarism and journalism students

When students plagiarize, they take a risk. I guess they tell themselves nothing very bad will happen to them. When journalism students plagiarize, the risk is pretty damned big. For example, you lose your chance to work as… Read More

The courses a student wishes he had taken

As he prepares to graduate, University of Oregon public relations student Sam Drake reflects on the courses he did not take: Computer science: “To be able to code in Java, HTML, C++ or Python is one skill that… Read More

The liberal arts portion of a journalism education

Model Curricula for Journalism Education is a 150-page document produced by UNESCO and published in 2007. Its contents are based on work done in 2005 by an international group of journalism educators. While many details in the document… Read More

When plagiarism comes out, stand your ground

The recent case of the president of Hungary does not involve any transgression of journalism ethics. Yet plagiarism is a plague in our high schools and universities — in every country around the world, so far as I… Read More

Learning how to blog — the right way

Even though the media world is smitten with Pinterest, the newest pretty thing, that old standard of social media — blogging — is far from dead and gone. Blogs are still used for all kinds of professional journalism,… Read More

Classroom helpers for j-school

In the fall, when the new school year begins in the northern hemisphere, older posts on this blog find a new life. I’m so happy to see that people are finding useful things here! These are some of… Read More