Nobody cares what you think

An earnest young student described his plans to me last week: He wants to write a series of humor columns. Or maybe they would be entertainment columns. They might really be movie reviews. In any case, he would… Read More

O’Reilly’s online book subscription

After I told the umpteenth student about the Safari Bookshelf program from the O’Reilly publishing company, it occurred to me that maybe my students are not the only people who have never heard about it. What I love… Read More

Research about blogs and journalism

Being one of the “online people” on my faculty, I have been getting lots of questions lately about blogs and blogging. So I decided it was time to put some resources online for my students, your students and… Read More

Search skills: Not as good as we thought

In an Op-Ed for The New York Times (March 26), Edward Tenner asks whether Google and other search engines are making today’s students stupid. We see this all the time among university undergraduates — they know how to… Read More