6 Proposals for Journalism Education Today

I’ve spent a huge amount of time┬áthis year thinking about and working on journalism curriculum. From developing and teaching a four-week program to train journalism educators in Africa in the practice of online journalism, to helping with a… Read More

Getting a journalism degree, getting a journalism job

This is an endorsement I like to see: I have never once regretted studying journalism. And I am not alone. That comes from Elana Zak, writing at 10,000 Words on June 24. According to her post, she received… Read More

Is it stupid to major in journalism?

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Ideas for using Encyclo in journalism classes

Have you looked at Encyclo, the new project from Nieman Journalism Lab? This is a really neat site for the present moment in journalism — when all kinds of new sites and apps are sprouting up like flowers… Read More

Social media guidelines for journalists

For the generation that came of age on Facebook, you might think there’s nothing they don’t already know about social media. Think again. Traditional ethics rules still apply online. Assume everything you write online will become public. Use… Read More

Skills for journalists: The basics

Jennifer Peebles — a self-described “old geezer who used to work at a newspaper” — wrote a post at the SPJ Net Worked blog titled Digital media skills every young journalist needs. Like a lot of old geezers… Read More

10 useful resources about data visualization

These will be useful to introduce students, journalists, or yourself to the concepts of data visualization. Bonus: There’s an interesting discussion on Quora about the difference between information graphics and data visualization. (1) When the Data Struts Its… Read More