Package features local Olympic athletes

I missed seeing this first-rate package from the Minneapolis Star Tribune until now. In Minnesota, a state that loves cold-weather sports, the winter Olympic Games are high profile. This Flash journalism package not only features short video interviews… Read More

NPPA Photojournalism Summit 2006

I’ve been invited to give a Flash journalism workshop at the NPPA 60th Anniversary Photojournalism Summit, June 23-25, at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay in Tampa, Fla. I’m very excited about this, because the National Press Photographers Association… Read More

Spotlight on a great multimedia package

Today NPR did a radio story about one of my current favorite examples of great online multimedia, Folk Songs for the Five Points. I love this package not only because it’s different from anything else I have ever… Read More

Ray’s Excellent Flash Tips

Ray Villalobos has started posting FREE Flash tutorials on his Web site. For example, here’s how to build a slideshow that loads photos or animations from an external source. Ray is the director of multimedia for Mega Communications… Read More

Animated infographics

Searching for recent examples to show in class tomorrow, I was a little surprised that I could not find many recent animations from news organizations. The usual places to look are El PaĆ­s, El Mundo, USA Today and… Read More

Design, CSS, HTML and journalism

There’s always this big debate about teaching software vs. teaching journalism, teaching code, script, etc., vs. teaching the essential skills of reporting the news. If you teach journalism at any college or university, you have heard this debate…. Read More