Flash for journalists: Why?

My one-day Flash workshop on Friday for the Nieman Journalism Fellows went well, judging from the feedback I heard from the participants. I had two fantastic assistants, Chad Capellman and Jared Novack, both of whom are experienced journalists… Read More

Seeking one-day assist, Friday

I’m leading a one-day Flash workshop for journalists in Cambridge, Mass., this coming Friday. No open seats — sorry! — but I do need one unpaid runner to help the participants when they get stuck. This is a… Read More

The role of Flash in a news organization (Part 2)

I think the absence of high-up, home page play for Flash graphics represents a missed opportunity. News organizations could use compelling interactive graphics to make their site a real daily destination — and differentiate themselves from Google News…. Read More

The role of Flash in a news organization (Part 1)

Inspired by Mark Luckie’s useful post about where to find the best in Flash journalism, coupled with the recent release of Flash CS4, I thought I might make a stab at discussing strategies for using Flash. On Friday,… Read More

How to uninstall old Flash players

While doing a search on a Flash question, I came across a useful tip at — surprisingly — Fox News. A reader wrote to Tech Q&A and described a problem with Flash Player 10 and Windows Vista Ultimate…. Read More

Data visualization resources

While I was shamelessly picking the brain of Matt Waite in recent weeks, he advised me that if I don’t have more than three to five weeks to spend on “data” (sort of akin to what we used… Read More

Winning online graphics

The annual winners of the Society of News Design multimedia design competition include only two Gold awards, and both went to The New York Times. I missed this one, explaining an accident in New York City. I really… Read More