The future, and journalism education

My university played host this weekend to several dozen journalism educators and some very wonderful working journalists. They all came to the Journalism Interactive conference to share what they know and learn new things about digital media and… Read More

XML and data in Flash for smooth updates

Florida has its presidential primaries under way today, and The Miami Herald has produced a nifty data-driven map to show the results: University of Florida journalism alum Stephanie Rosenblatt (May 2007) e-mailed to say that the Herald graphic… Read More

Small multimedia: Sputnik

Lee Glynn, a multimedia artist and designer at The St. Pete Times, in Florida, showed off a package about the Sputnik anniversary at a workshop held Saturday at our university. It’s kind of a workaday package, but that’s… Read More

Online journalism training in Florida

Tomorrow — yes, tomorrow — on the beautiful campus of my university: Florida Society of Newspaper Editors All I’m doing is one session about blogging. I would have done anything they asked me to do, but blogging is… Read More

Numbers for online video

With so many newspapers focusing time, money and other resources on online video, it’s great to see some real-life stats for how many people watch this stuff: Since the video was posted on the [Gainesville] Sun Web site,… Read More

When a real news event happens

Our university became the focus of national attention on Monday when campus police shot a student with a Taser during a public forum with U.S. Senator John Kerry. One story I heard after the event: An experienced reporter… Read More

Does Tampa have the right idea?

Followthemedia says The Tampa Tribune’s plan to reorganize its priorities and workflows just might be a good blueprint for other metro dailies too. The Tribune is catching up on all the things that many metropolitan newspapers have done… Read More