Smarter(9): A list for journalism students

Zeynep Tufekci: Social Media Is a Conversation, Not a Press Release. Public radio journalist Stan Alcorn asks: Is This Thing On? (“Audio never goes viral.”) The Net Neutrality Court Case Decoded.

America needs Al Jazeera English

I’m writing to highlight two excellent articles published this month about the international television news network based in Qatar: Why I Love Al Jazeera, by Robert D. Kaplan (The Atlantic) The Most Hated Name in News: Can Al… Read More

Teaching journalists to fish (no telling what they might catch)

Some people at a U.S. embassy reception tonight, here in Hanoi, expressed excitement on hearing that I am teaching online journalism to about 30 Vietnamese journalists. An American suggested that I should teach them how to stay safe… Read More

When journalists go to jail

Some Vietnamese journalists have asked my opinion about the arrest and detention of two of their own. Nguyen Viet Chien, 56, a reporter for Thanh Nien, and Nguyen Van Hai, 33, reporter for Tuoi Tre, were jailed last… Read More

Who are you calling a journalist?

Many people have commented on the actions of Mayhill Fowler, who went to a fund-raising dinner for Barack Obama and later wrote about remarks Obama made there. (Today Jeff Jarvis commented on Michael Tomasky commenting about Jay Rosen… Read More

National elections in Malaysia

With all the world watching a seemingly endless election campaign in the United States, who would turn toward Malaysia, a Southeast Asian nation with only 25 million residents? Malaysia’s national elections (voting is scheduled for March 8 )… Read More

Can you keep your Web site?

Here’s a great question: Does your newsroom or employer have a written policy governing the personal Web sites (and/or blogs) of journalists? Meranda Watling is seeking answers in a discussion over at Wired Journalists. Hop on over and… Read More