Journalism education: There is no spoon

At a journalism education conference in Canada recently, it appears media economics scholar Robert Picard gave a stirring keynote address. Stirring as in “stir things up!” He began by reminding the audience that journalism and the media environment… Read More

Is it stupid to major in journalism?

A funny thing about writing a blog for a long time is that sometimes you want to write a post … and you discover that you have already written it. My original post (from two years ago) seems… Read More

Skills for journalists: The basics

Jennifer Peebles — a self-described “old geezer who used to work at a newspaper” — wrote a post at the SPJ Net Worked blog titled Digital media skills every young journalist needs. Like a lot of old geezers… Read More

Skills for journalists: Again, the question

What skills does today’s journalist need to have? I do not think this question has only one answer. In a comment on a blog post by Robert Hernandez, Michael Grimaldi wrote: The highest skill of journalism is knowing… Read More

Advice for journalism educators in Africa

While I was attending the annual Online News Association conference a week ago, one of several great panels I sat in on was titled “From Earthquakes to Coups: Tools for Crisis Reporting.” I’ve been interested in crisis mapping… Read More

Boring old news media: Still boring, still old

I was just rereading a post by Steve Yelvington — whom I used to call the smartest man in online journalism (and he may still be — it’s just that there are so many more people in it… Read More

New York Times seeks multimedia journalism interns

Poking around in The New York Times’s job listings, I found this description of three distinct internships “in the Web Newsroom of The New York Times”: Front-end Interactive Designer: full skill-set of client-side technologies including HTML, CSS and… Read More