Apple, Adobe and HTML5

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Buzz words of the moment

I’m referring, of course, to “real-time Web” and “augmented reality.” The second such terms hit the mainstream press, we are likely to be bombarded by them for weeks or even months. A Time magazine cover story is probably… Read More

Journalists must build a personal brand: 10 tips

This post was inspired by one written by Joe Grimm, the longtime journalism jobs adviser. DigiDave (Dave Cohn) is a living example of this — and naturally, he has written a blog post about the topic. Ryan Sholin… Read More

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The reality for journalists to face, squarely, now

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The new visual journalist

To find out what’s needed in today’s newsrooms, in mid-June I asked photo editors and multimedia producers at four newspapers which skills are still in short supply. Video editing, storytelling and audio skills led the list. Even though… Read More

Why does anyone major in journalism?

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