Gimmick or utility? News connections

I’m wondering whether people like these Evri widgets and find them useful: The one above appeared beneath a story headlined “In Obama’s Inner Circle, Debate Over Memos’ Release Was Intense,” published April 23. The one below appeared beneath… Read More

Flash training materials and new examples

I ran a workshop for journalists yesterday in Tampa, Florida, as part of an event hosted by the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors (FSNE) and the Florida Press Association (FPA). The workshop began at 10:30 a.m. and lasted… Read More

Web design updates

I’ve been spending a lot of time updating our advanced Web design course. While it’s known around my college as “the Flash course,” we actually spend the first five weeks on CSS and XHTML. Students have already completed… Read More

The role of Flash in a news organization (Part 1)

Inspired by Mark Luckie’s useful post about where to find the best in Flash journalism, coupled with the recent release of Flash CS4, I thought I might make a stab at discussing strategies for using Flash. On Friday,… Read More

Online graphics from the U.S. election

There’s a fine collection of interesting election graphics from news organizations and some magazines, at DesignO’Blog (thanks for the tip, Mark Barilla). The one from GOOD magazine, while not interactive (print version only), is worth a look —… Read More

The map of population size, U.S. Election

Although the popular vote was not a landslide, the map redrawn with the size of each state scaled to represent its population makes it clear that we are a majority blue nation. An explanation of the method used… Read More

We could do better

The first image below shows a story that was on the Web front of The New York Times on Sunday, Nov. 2. It’s a feature interview with a woman who hand-fits the neck of a guitar to the… Read More