Data visualization resources

While I was shamelessly picking the brain of Matt Waite in recent weeks, he advised me that if I don’t have more than three to five weeks to spend on “data” (sort of akin to what we used… Read More

Winning online graphics

The annual winners of the Society of News Design multimedia design competition include only two Gold awards, and both went to The New York Times. I missed this one, explaining an accident in New York City. I really… Read More

How you look at data: Graphics vs. text

I came across a graphic showing hospital death rates in the United States (from USA Today), and I’d like to ask you to open it up and — as online folks like to say — play with it… Read More

Breaking news now: Madrid

Follow how a great online news organization follows a big breaking story, at El PaĆ­s. Here is an early infographic: The plane crashed about six hours ago, at 2:45 p.m. local time (GMT +2), while taking off at… Read More

Michael Phelps records: Infographic

This graphic is a very nice example of how design for online information presentation can be — and should be — different from print presentation. It’s a simple concept — compression of space. Because the line for each… Read More

How online graphics succeed, or fail: 5 factors

How many people look at an animated infographic on a news Web site? “I would say 10,000 is a good number for us,” said Keith Claxton, an infographics journalist at the Chicago Tribune. That would be a great… Read More

Get your multimedia journalism fix here

A useful and illuminating site I used to love has risen, phoenix-like, from its ashes. Interactive Narratives is a database of links to, and descriptions of, some of the best examples of multimedia journalism and online news design…. Read More