Augmented reality apps: A business model

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Social journalism: Back to the future

Engagement — one of three legs needed to support successful social media projects. (The others are inclusion and aggregation.) What does this mean for journalists, for news organizations? Paul Gillin, a social media consultant and former technology journalist,… Read More

Small towns and big ideas

I can’t get Sarah Palin’s gibes about “community organizer” out of my mind. I felt somewhat sick at how raucously the big crowd laughed at the phrase every time she said it. What kind of people are these,… Read More

Reporting beats re-examined

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A real need for local news, “hyper” or not

Scott Karp wrote a kind of case study about what we all want from local news online, based on his quest for information about a big storm in his home area near Washington, D.C. This is very instructive:… Read More

A model for changing how newsrooms work

Tear down the newsroom and remake it in the image of digital reality — that’s what The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has done, according to Shawn McIntosh: … we had to address our newsroom’s core structure. The AJC and… Read More

When competition comes to town, a newspaper blinks

Newspaper Web sites — it’s hard to know where to begin explaining what’s wrong with them. Rather than beat a dead horse, you could think about the reasons why a non-newspaper local news Web site completely trumps a… Read More