Updating Flash Journalism (Part 2)

The other day I received an e-mail from someone with a programming background who’s interested in learning how to build journalism packages in Flash. He asked how to get started and whether I was planning to release a… Read More

Obama’s speech remade for the Web

The New York Times has put up a wonderful package of Obama’s Election Night speech, with a dynamic transcript and a useful navigation bar. Listen and watch again.

Articles, comments, stories, conversations

The format for networked reporting doesn’t exist yet, but I’ve been thinking about it in terms of how comments manifest public opinion (as well as an ugly underbelly of hate). Networked reporting, as Charlie Beckett sees it, is… Read More

Olympics event tracker from NYT

Aimed at letting people find events they like and manage a personal viewing schedule, the Times’s Olympics Tracker offers a lot more utility than the more traditional schedule grid provided by NBC at its Web site. Why? Because… Read More

Why you should suck it up and learn to script

Let’s think about programming today. Or scripting, if you will. To go beyond static pages of text and images online, you will need at least a little programming. One reason why I advocate for everyone to learn at… Read More

A good sports graphic doesn’t require rocket science

One of our journalism students, Ryan Moulton, is largely self-taught in Flash, although he’s now learning more about it in a course taught by one of our grad students, Dave Stanton. Here’s the team graphic Ryan put up… Read More

Cheat sheet for multimedia story decisions

As newsrooms everywhere struggle to adapt to the digital information environment, everybody in the newsroom needs to gain some multimedia literacy. At the basic level, that means you understand what the media are suited for. Even if you… Read More