RGMP 5: Listen to podcasts

This is the fifth post in a series titled “Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency.” In the fourth post, I explained how you can get started with editing audio for use online. Today I’m going to encourage you to… Read More

The Hearst Awards for student journalists

The Hearst Journalism Awards Program has been called the Pulitzer Prizes of (U.S.) student journalism. I can’t say whether that is an exaggeration, but the awards do come with generous money prizes for the individual students and the… Read More

Audio ethics guide: Editing and more

My friend Mary McGuire, who teaches online and broadcast journalism at Carleton University, in Ottawa (the capital of Canada), has posted a wonderfully clear and concise list of guidelines for editing audio that all journalists can use. Bookmark… Read More

Storytelling, Ira Glass and a few thoughts

I finally had a chance to watch these videos of Ira Glass, of This American Life, and I’m quite sure my journalism students can learn a lot from them. If you’re trying to make stories using audio or… Read More

Making a good thing even better: NPR

Jeff Jarvis wrote about how to improve NPR. Not the content, but the organization. He’s got some excellent ideas. I love NPR’s programs. I wish they were on a radio station that interspersed new and diverse music with… Read More