Managing research: Your personal library, online

As a university professor, I not only teach — I also need to keep up-to-date with the literature in my field. This is so much easier now than it was when I was a graduate student long ago… Read More

Meta research on online journalism

Usually I do not write about research here, but a new publication prompts me to note that now — almost 20 years after the first “online newspapers” made their debut — some research is beginning to appear about… Read More

Timelines in journalism: A closer look

You’re not going to create one every week, but a timeline is a useful — and helpful — type of information graphic, and fairly common in journalism. When teaching students about timelines, here are some ideas to consider… Read More

Visual narratives: Empirical data

From a research study by two scholars at Stanford: In this paper, we investigate the design of narrative visualizations and identify techniques for telling stories with data graphics. We take an empirical approach, analyzing visualizations from online journalism,… Read More

Social media theory and practice: An outline

Carrie Brown-Smith is an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Memphis. Last month she posted a first draft of a syllabus for a college course about social media. I took a look at it today, and… Read More

Knowing your audience (do you?)

As we know, newspaper readership and TV news viewing are declining across the board (although not in every market). But the public’s consumption of news and information (let’s not forget, journalists have always provided a fair bit of… Read More

What we now know about blogs

Technorati has released its always-interesting annual State of the Blogosphere report, and this year they surveyed 1,079 bloggers about their histories and current practices. Here are some tidbits I enjoyed: U.S. bloggers = 57 percent male (parity is… Read More