Smarter(6): A list for journalism students

Refuge: 18 stories from the Syrian exodus. Scott Klein: Scooped by code. Nathan Yau: Data and visualization year in review, 2013.

Teaching about storytelling

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about getting a story (and teaching students about stories), I’m going to refer to three earlier posts here: The elements of storytelling RGMP 11: Tell a good story with images and sound… Read More

Is your story actually a story?

“The problem with many news stories is that they’re not really stories at all.” (Source: Advancing the Story, an excellent blog about broadcast journalism and multimedia.) This is true not only in TV news but across the board… Read More

Visual narratives: Empirical data

From a research study by two scholars at Stanford: In this paper, we investigate the design of narrative visualizations and identify techniques for telling stories with data graphics. We take an empirical approach, analyzing visualizations from online journalism,… Read More

Best advice for Soundslides

I was asking around recently, among my friends at other j-schools who teach photojournalism. Yes, they are still teaching Soundslides. The No. 1 reason is almost unanimous: It’s a great transition from making stills to making video. I… Read More

Storytelling 101 with ‘The Annoying Orange’

Let’s look at storytelling again. I always use this diagram to show students how to structure a very short video story or audio slideshow (120 seconds): Recently a student showed me this video, and I noticed that at… Read More

Is J-school relevant? (#wjchat)

@killbutton Q1 Yes, because the foundation of journalism is SO important. Journos need a strong foundation in ethics! #wjchat @dnvolz Brian Williams never got any college degree and is considered a top journalist even in an ever-changing market… Read More