The elements of storytelling

See also: Storytelling 101 with ‘The Annoying Orange’ See also: RGMP 11: Tell a good story with images and sound I spent the past two days playing host to Ken Speake, a master storyteller and a longtime journalist…. Read More

Cheat sheet for multimedia story decisions

As newsrooms everywhere struggle to adapt to the digital information environment, everybody in the newsroom needs to gain some multimedia literacy. At the basic level, that means you understand what the media are suited for. Even if you… Read More

But can you tell a story?

Can you do great narrative storytelling purely in XHTML and CSS? Or do you need Flash? This provocative question stems from a recent blog post by Khoi Vinh, design director for He didn’t come straight out and… Read More

Video packages and longer video

So I’m studying a few feature-length documentaries and reading the book Documentary Storytelling, 2nd edition, by Sheila Curran Bernard. Some thoughts: 1. We can learn a lot from Errol Morris. I watched The Fog of War for the… Read More

Learning the new tools for storytelling

This semester I had the opportunity to create and teach a new graduate course, focused on multimedia storytelling. I admitted 15 students, all of whom had some prior experience as reporters (for some, it was only a one-semester… Read More

Appreciation for a great interview

I showed this to my students last week, and apparently most of them agreed with me — this is not your average Soundslides. At 5 min. 27 sec., it’s much longer than what works best for most audio… Read More

Video that means something

Video online opens a new world that few YouTube watchers have seen. Wide distribution for exposés of police brutality in Egypt, for example, have emboldened a timid local press to write for the first time about the longstanding… Read More