Online video still growing, gaining viewers

Just because comedy or humorous videos are the most popular among U.S. adults (source) does not mean journalists should wring their hands and despair about public tastes. What’s more important, I think, is that among people who have… Read More

America needs Al Jazeera English

I’m writing to highlight two excellent articles published this month about the international television news network based in Qatar: Why I Love Al Jazeera, by Robert D. Kaplan (The Atlantic) The Most Hated Name in News: Can Al… Read More

How to gather, shoot, write for video

This is a great resource: the Television Scripts portion of the Reuters Handbook of Journalism, online for free, accessible by anyone. Check these sections: Write to Pictures Story Structure 10 Key Words Approach (this is great!) What Is… Read More

The Internet: Not a parasite on journalism

I enjoyed this post by Shane Richmond at, in which he discusses David Simon’s ignorance about the Web and online journalism: If ‘amateurs’ like David Simon can make The Wire, why can’t they do journalism? Unlike some… Read More

48 million views, because it’s a story

One of the hardest things to teach is how to tell a story. I could say “how to tell a story well,” but no, it’s simpler than that. Students just don’t get how to evaluate the pieces, how… Read More

Obama: The West Wing, Series 2

It’s probably only because I am a huge fan of the NBC-TV series The West Wing (1999-2006), but I felt a sense of déjà vu when I started clicking the hyperlinks embedded in this New York Times story… Read More

The Wire writer on The Colbert Report

Last night, David Simon appeared on The Colbert Report. Here is the episode. To go straight to Simon, click the controller bar at the 14-minute mark. The Wire is a five-season series that ran on HBO. Not being… Read More