Smarter(6): A list for journalism students

Refuge: 18 stories from the Syrian exodus. Scott Klein: Scooped by code. Nathan Yau: Data and visualization year in review, 2013.

Your syllabus as a blog: How to do it

For about three years, I have been using (a free blogging site) to create a syllabus for each one of my courses. I first tried it in 2007, and now I’m totally sold on the practice. (See… Read More

Use Instapaper to capture, read blog posts

I’ve been using Instapaper, a free on- and off-line reading tool, for a while, maybe more than a year. Mostly I use it for its most common purpose — to capture very long articles from a Web page… Read More

Recording phone interviews: A solution that works

Our graduate student E. K. Sommer recently asked for advice on how to record phone interviews, so I pointed her toward an old (but still very popular) post on this blog: Recording phone calls: For reporters. Sommer, however,… Read More

Best social media tools for journalists

What are today’s most popular social media tools? I proposed a short list on the Social Journalism Educators group on Facebook: Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Storify Instagram YouTube WordPress You’ll note (if you roll over and read the tooltip)… Read More

Journalists’ Toolkit: My other blog

Lately I have been spending a lot of time building an online course for our journalism students at the University of Florida. I can’t offer the course to the public because it’s in the university’s distance learning system… Read More

Advice for journalism educators in Africa

While I was attending the annual Online News Association conference a week ago, one of several great panels I sat in on was titled “From Earthquakes to Coups: Tools for Crisis Reporting.” I’ve been interested in crisis mapping… Read More