The role of Flash in a news organization (Part 1)

Inspired by Mark Luckie’s useful post about where to find the best in Flash journalism, coupled with the recent release of Flash CS4, I thought I might make a stab at discussing strategies for using Flash. On Friday,… Read More

Twitter, Mumbai, and 10 facts about journalism now

I think everyone knows that what’s happening in Mumbai is on Twitter, being updated live. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch wrote about it on Wednesday, and he has a nice screenshot in the post to show you what it… Read More

How to uninstall old Flash players

While doing a search on a Flash question, I came across a useful tip at — surprisingly — Fox News. A reader wrote to Tech Q&A and described a problem with Flash Player 10 and Windows Vista Ultimate…. Read More

A visual, tagged database of Election Night screen grabs

One of our doctoral students spent Election Night grabbing screen captures from 98 different news Web sites, from about 11:30 P.M. EST until almost 6 a.m. Wednesday morning. The fruits of his labor are viewable at Iterasi, a… Read More

Data visualization resources

While I was shamelessly picking the brain of Matt Waite in recent weeks, he advised me that if I don’t have more than three to five weeks to spend on “data” (sort of akin to what we used… Read More

Some online journalism resources

This week is a bit hectic, with a one-hour guest lecture, a two-hour workshop, and a lunch presentation (tomorrow), plus a committee meeting and a faculty meeting, all in five days. This is on top of my regular… Read More

Recording phone calls: For reporters

Update (April 6, 2012): Recording phone interviews: A solution that works I’ve been asked dozens of times, “What do you use to record phone interviews?” My answer: A device I bought at Radio Shack for about $20 many… Read More