A great Flash infographic

This might be the best interactive information graphic ever. What do you think? I love the simplicity of the rollovers. The multiple information (timeline, map) delivered in the top image below is delightful. Tapuiassauro, o novo dinossauro do… Read More

Understanding the canvas in HTML5

Last week I tried to summarize key points about HTML5, the emerging standard that will affect the way Web pages — and other digital media — are created in the near future. There were two aspects of HTML5… Read More

HTML5 demystified

This slideshow provides a really clear overview of what HTML5 includes, why it’s exciting, and when browser support can be expected. The slideshow was produced by Derek Bender.

Some thoughts about photo galleries

I was looking at this Iran protest slideshow from The New York Times today. It does not have audio, and so I would normally call it a gallery — not a slideshow. But it is carefully captioned, with… Read More

H.264 video and Flash Player versions

This year I’ve been experiencing some unexpected problems with viewing video in Flash, and after a conversation today with our college Web admin, Craig Lee, we think we’ve got it sussed out. To cut to the chase, the… Read More

Web design updates

I’ve been spending a lot of time updating our advanced Web design course. While it’s known around my college as “the Flash course,” we actually spend the first five weeks on CSS and XHTML. Students have already completed… Read More

Obama’s speech remade for the Web

The New York Times has put up a wonderful package of Obama’s Election Night speech, with a dynamic transcript and a useful navigation bar. Listen and watch again.