The utility of a blogroll

I updated my blogroll this morning. It needed some culling, as some blogs I used to read are no longer being updated. I added a few new ones too. Not necessarily new blogs, but new to my list…. Read More

Photo galleries on news Web sites

Photo galleries tend to be popular with visitors to online news sites — so it’s common to see these featured at or near the top of the home page. Many local newspapers use wire photos — often ONLY… Read More

Microsoft doesn’t want world peace

Call me optimistic, but I think literacy and education lead to reduced conflict and greater prosperity, and I think access to cheap computer power is the key to education around the world. Paper is too expensive — and… Read More

Olympics event tracker from NYT

Aimed at letting people find events they like and manage a personal viewing schedule, the Times’s Olympics Tracker offers a lot more utility than the more traditional schedule grid provided by NBC at its Web site. Why? Because… Read More

Essentials of a multimedia journalism package

I’ve been reviewing the final projects of a few of our journalism master’s students. Every year we have some students who produce an online package as a project in lieu of thesis; the project is supposed to represent… Read More

Why (and when) the print edition works

Ryan Sholin made a list of 15 reasons why he has used a print newspaper (instead of the online). I found it eclectic and thought provoking. For a couple of minutes I mused on my teen years, when… Read More

Long-anticipated launch of Las Vegas Sun redesign